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Case Studies


e-Commerce shops and websites’ most important goal is to increase sales. This is only possible with a proper digital marketing strategy that is executed perfectly. Discover how Golden Digital has helped businesses with their e-commerce efforts to generate more traffic to their websites, convert potential customers, and improve sales.

Law Firms

In today’s world, a law firm needs a trusted online presence. We can help a law firm to create lead-generation and improve traffic to the website, brand recognition, plus other things. We can create a customized strategy that is unique to each client.

Lead Generation

Whether you have an online business, sell online, a retail store, or any other kind of business, a lead-generation plan is needed to get more customers. This strategy will vary depending on the type of business you have, things like short and long term goals, digital marketing budgets are all important parts of lead-generation. We will help you find a customized solution for businesses of all types.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an import part of all things digital, any business that has a website needs to take SEO seriously. You can’t exist as a online business without SEO. From content optimization, to keywords optimization and internal linking to link building. SEO is a important part of any business, all of this can be hard to manage. We can help you increase traffic and the quality of your SEO.

Facebook Ads

Everyone uses or knows about Facebook, we can help you take advantage of Facebook’s ability to reach many people at one time. Advertising on Facebook done right can help improve the return on investment for a business and improve profitability. We can help by developing a custom advertising strategy for the business.

Email Marketing

Millions of people use email on a daily basis, any business’ customers are part of this statistic. It is possible to reach these people with the right marketing strategy, right message at the right time. We can help your business accomplish this task and improve the quality of their email lists through a proper email marketing strategy.

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