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Phone Support Policy

At Golden Digital Media, we work with many different clients, everyone wants to talk strategy with another person. But this takes time, and resources out of each day. Many people have been talking by phone for years to learn from other people. This is a valuable learning tool that takes time and this is very valuable. Golden Digital Media is a online social media company, not an online school for training people, our focus is to work on social media by posting and creating great ads for you at a low cost to you, while trying to fit in phone calls to all of our customers. Our job is to do the work for you, not teach you how to create a social media post or online ad campaign, but if you want that kind of service we can offer it to you at $98 per month. This includes two 30 Minute phone call sessions every month with one call every two weeks.

When every new client arrives, we provide a Free onboarding/consulting session to help you get plugged into our process. This helps us learn what you want, and what is expected of everyone, and after how things will work from that point onward. If you want more help, then a Plan 4 or website design deal is needed, otherwise you will need to contact us via email for support.

Please remember that all phone calls have to be scheduled in advance, before we can talk with anyone. This helps us manage client expectations so that our time is spent working on your social media projects.

All Plan 1 to 3 customers will receive online support only. Please expect to contact us for support at [email protected]. We have done our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible while providing the highest product quality possible. Our free onboarding call is your chance to talk about your account with us, then all support is online only or if you choose to pay for our $98/per month phone support plan.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

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