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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency

Every business wants to jump into social media, only to discover that it’s not as easy as it looks. A Facebook page with thousands of likes per post or a Twitter account with millions of followers. This level of engagement takes a dedicated social media strategy. A social media marketing agency Las Vegas can get your social media presence from mediocre to outstanding.

Here’s everything you need to know to hire the right social media marketing company Las Vegas.

Social Media Marketing Defined

Did you know that 80% of consumers use social media content to determine what to buy? The power of social media in the marketplace is undeniable. Still, few businesses understand how to tap into this marketing resource.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the art of using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to put your best foot forward. These platforms can market your products, grow your audience, and gather crucial data to drive your business forward.

Businesses often can’t keep up with managing their social media content on top of other demands. This is where social media marketing companies come in. A social media marketing agency Las Vegas is the difference between a thriving social media presence and a PR nightmare.

Let’s look at what a social media marketing company Las Vegas does and the top advantages of SMM for your business today.

What Exactly Does A Social Media Marketing Company Do?

A social media marketing agency takes over all your social media pages on your behalf. Some agencies do 100% of your social media content. Others prefer a collaborative approach to develop your digital marketing strategy.

An SMM agency still adds value to your marketing campaigns even if you have an in-house social media manager on your payroll. Choose a social media marketing agency Las Vegas that delivers the following services:

1. Thorough Social Media Audits

An SMM agency begins with a complete assessment of your social media presence. The evaluation involves a diagnostic tool to determine your strengths and challenges in terms of;

  • Engagement
  • Content quality
  • Optimization
  • ROI on ad spend and
  • Other elements of your digital marketing strategy

Once you chart a course for your social media marketing campaign, the agency monitors your performance to spot trends and adjust your technique.

2. Market Positioning

A social media marketing company Las Vegas offers valuable insights into your competitive advantage in the digital marketplace. This includes competitor analysis to show how well or poorly your competitors perform on their social pages. Use this data to learn from others’ mistakes and get proactive about your social media content.

3. Best Social Media Channels

You may think having an account on every social media channel is the best strategy for your business. Unfortunately, this is a mistake company make when planning their social media activities.

A social media marketing agency Las Vegas helps you find your company’s best-performing platform. For example, food and clothing businesses work great on Instagram, but a plumbing company may be better suited for Facebook. This helps prioritize your company’s top social channels.

4. Clear Social Media Content Strategy

Once you gather data from the above activities, the next step is to outline your social media strategy in detail. Your SMM agency Las Vegas lists the types of content for your social pages, a posting schedule, and the key performance indicators (KPIs) to track.

An omnichannel social media strategy generates content from;

  • Photos and videos
  • Blog posts
  • Influencer endorsements, and
  • Product placements

5. Customer Service Management

As soon as you go live with your social media strategy, expect high engagement from your audience. This leads to increased customer service inquiries through social comments or direct messages. Your SMM agency Las Vegas also handles these engagements as part of community management services.

The agency assigns a social media page administrator to capture customer questions, direct them to your business, and offer real-time responses. This helps you to build a solid reputation as a customer-oriented business on your social channels.

6. Reputation Management

All your business employees should be aware of how their social media activities affect your brand’s reputation. A social media marketing agency Las Vegas develops social media guidelines and best practices for everyone to use their profiles responsibly.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Social Media Marketing Company

Your business can’t fail with such social media marketing strategies in place. Allow a professional SMM agency Las Vegas to handle all your social media marketing needs, no matter the size of your company.

Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a social media marking company for your business.

1. Great Value for Ad Spend

The right social media marketing agency Las Vegas understands how to get the biggest ROI for your social advertising budget. It comes down to high-quality images, graphics, videos, and blog writing, all of which must go live at the best possible timing for high engagement.

Social marketing agencies also understand how to;

  • Target campaigns for each social channel
  • Test different ad formats
  • Tie relevant content to breaking news, and
  • Create viral content

2. No Recruitment Costs

Businesses grapple with the choice between hiring s social media manager or outsourcing to a social media marketing agency. It ultimately comes down to the cost, and outsourcing wins more often than not.

Consider recruitment costs like;

  • Advertising the position
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Salaries
  • Taxes, and
  • Other benefits.

Add your marketing budget to pay for social ads and content development.

Compare that to hiring an SMM agency Las Vegas that offers affordable monthly contracts and 24/7 support for your social media strategy. You will find that the annual cost of hiring a social media marketing company Las Vegas is less than half of retaining an in-house social media manager.

3. A Fresh Perspective

Businesses often know what’s best for their marketing strategy based on tried-and-true experience. However, a social media audit can reveal unexpected results.

Maybe you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize your social media budget, or you’re stuck in an echo chamber that loses audience engagement. It can continually improve even if your social media strategy is going great. Let a professional social media marketing agency Las Vegas look into your plan and improve your results.

4. Scale Faster

A social media marketing company Las Vegas focuses on one thing: building your brand online. The immediate benefit is that you’ll focus on other business activities that grow your bottom line.

You can streamline your workflows, improve your supply chain, and offer exceptional customer service. You can grow your business faster than ever when you hire an efficient social media marketing company.

5. Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

In today’s social media landscape, businesses must remain aware of their audiences to remain relevant in their marketing campaigns. Even multinationals suffer from poor social media choices, leading to criticism and backlash.

With a social media marketing agency on your side, you make marketing decisions based on proven data to gauge your audience. This helps you to share engaging content without risking your business image.

Why Choose Golden Digital?

At Golden Digital, we believe that consistency is the key to a successful social media strategy.

Our SMM agency Las Vegas team helps you to build the ideal social posting schedule to get your content to your audience. This is the main challenge for in-house social media managers and entrepreneurs. How do you post high-quality content three to five times weekly across all your social pages? This is why you need Golden Digital.

Here is what to expect from us as your social media marketing agency Las Vegas:

  • Custom content curated for your business
  • Consistent posting across all your social channels
  • Optimized landing pages to convert your leads
  • Social ad management for Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising campaigns
  • Reputation management to improve your brand image
  • Online support and guidance throughout your social media campaign

Reach Your Social Media Marketing Goals Faster

A social media marketing agency Las Vegas like Golden Digital promotes your brand more effectively without breaking your budget. An excellent social media marketing strategy builds a solid foundation to grow your business long-term.

You can choose to subscribe to a 1-month Golden Digital SMM package to get you started, then build upon that experience over time. Hire Golden Digital and dedicate your resources to other aspects of your business.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages With Golden Digital

Our social media marketing company Las Vegas offers a range of SMM packages to match your budget. All Golden Digital packages include unique content creation, promotional posts, and dedicated online support for your digital marketing campaigns.

You get additional services depending on the package you choose:

  • PLAN 1 – $78 per month: Three weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram, plus any other social channels of your choice. Note: This package includes a one-time $80 setup fee.
  • PLAN 2 – $128 per month: Five weekly posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, plus your logo and watermark on all your images.
  • PLAN 3 – $228 per month: Plan 2 services, plus a dedicated social media manager for your account. You can also request content planning, review meetings, and approve or edit content before posting.
  • PLAN 4 – $378 per month: Plan 3 services, the bi-weekly strategy calls with your social media manager, and dedicated online support.

These options suit most businesses, depending on their social media marketing needs. However, you can always add upgrades to your social media marketing agency Las Vegas packages.

Golden Digital offers the following extra services:

  • Instagram upgrade – $98 per month
    This is ideal for businesses that rely on photo and video content to sell their products, such as bakeries, grocers, clothing retailers, gyms, and more. You also get real Instagram followers to engage with your content and grow your channel.
  • Pinterest upgrade – $98 per month
    An active Pinterest account helps your business to inspire your customers to explore new ideas. Pins also drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.
  • Photography upgrade – starts at $248 per month
    Custom photo and video shoots can showcase your brand to boost your audience engagement. Our Golden Digital photographers offer professionally shot and edited images to use on your social ads or promotional content.

LinkedIn upgrade

  • Marketing plan – $248 per month: Go further than your LinkedIn company page and post engaging content to link to your website and products. This upgrade offers daily LinkedIn updates and one weekly article, plus valuable connections to increase your brand visibility.
  • Gold plan – $378 per month: This upgrade offers four weekly LinkedIn posts, industry news and articles, and curated content from published sources once a week.

Golden Digital Dedicated Social Ad Management

Facebook ads bring in an estimated 6-10x return on ad spend (ROAS). Google ads deliver an average of 8:1 return on investment (ROI). Your business needs an SMM agency Las Vegas to see these returns for your social media ad campaigns.

Consider the Golden Digital Facebook and Google ads plans starting from $78 per month to build your digital ad campaigns. We manage your ads, from the image design and text content to targeting and analytics. With our digital ad management strategy, you’ll generate impressive leads and watch your bottom line grow.

Get Started with Golden Digital SMM Today

Are you ready to partner with the best social media marketing agency Las Vegas team today? Get in touch with Golden Digital online or call us on 1-702-305-1766. Let’s discuss your business needs and develop an action plan to build a strong, consistent social media marketing strategy.

Choose the best SMM package to match your industry and budget, and we’ll discuss the best type of content to post on your behalf. In addition, we’ll need your feedback throughout the strategy development process to ensure that your social media channels align with your business goals. Work with Golden Digital social media marketing company Las Vegas today.

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